Best Free cPanel Hosting Plans

Best Free cPanel Hosting Plans

The web hosting service accounts are managed using a control panel; cPanel is a web tool that creates, administers, and manages the website. The cPanel serves different access levels; administrators and end-users are allowed to control different aspects of the website.

You can enter into cPanel by simply adding “Cpanel” with your hostname or entering using HTTPS on port 2083. When you have WordPress installed, you can have additional features like backup, SSL Certificate, and email account. The cPanel can be easily accessed even if you do not have much technical knowledge about it.

CPanel Hosting Plans

When you go for free cPanel web hosting, you must also know the drawbacks involved. The resource accessibility is limited, non-existent support, busy servers, reduced performance, and you will not find a unique domain name.

Hence, most companies provide service at an affordable cost to emphasize a user-friendly experience, complete customer support and increase performance, which results in increased SEO ranking, customer satisfaction, and success in your business. The Best Free (Almost free) cPanel Hosting plans are:

 1. InterServer 

The IntelServer provides the best-shared hosting plan that makes easy access to the control panel. You can easily migrate to Interserver since they provide free site migration service, monthly flexible contracts that make cost-efficient and customer satisfied service. The features provided by cPanel are unlimited storage capacity, free data transfer, email account access, unlimited SSD storage RAID 10 array, free Cloudflare network, and offers 30 days money-back guarantee. The plan provided by InterServer is it charges $0.01 for the first month and $5 after that; they assure 99.9% uptime.

2.  Bluehost 

Bluehost is one of three that is recommended by WordPress, they have more than 2 million website users who prefer Bluehost for the support, service, plans offered by it and affordable cost. They are easily accessible by any type of user, the MySQL database for editing and uploading PHP files.

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The Bluehost provides free and optimized cPanel services, free site builder, free Cloudflare CDN, storage capacity ranges between 50Gb to the unlimited, free domain name. The price of Bluehost service starts from $2.95.

3.  HostGator 

When you have a free web hosting plan, the users can have many web andites and use unlimited storage, bandwidth, email addresses, and disk space. Most of the users completely use their resources for the better performance of there website. The HostGator provides unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, SSL certificate, WordPress installation, free domain name, they also ensure 45 days money-back guarantee. The monthly starting price for HostGator is $2.64.

4.  InMotion Hosting 

The Inmotion hosting provides free cPanel access, along with they have many no-cost features, website builder, templates, SSL certificate, free domain name, and free site migration. The cPanel uses a domain management tool that requires detailed information like domain registration, subdomain creation, name server configuration, and DNS records.

They also provide free BoldGrid site builder, SSD storage, improved security, and unlimited bandwidth access and email account. The plans of InMotion hosting starts from $3.99 and assure for 90 days money-back guarantee.

5.  iPage 

The iPage provides free cPanel functionalities that use vDeck interface control panel which is affordable shared hosting plan. They serve free site-building tools, free domain registration, email services, cPanel for both VPS and dedicated servers, high-security free blogging, CMS, e-commerce tools and unlimited disk space. The price of iPage monthly starts from $1.99 and assures 30 days money-back guarantee.


The cPanel is not actually free, it is a part of web hosting service, they provide it free for you. The server administrators and host providers are required to buy a software license to use cPanel that is chargeable every month. For additional features, the host can opt for WHM VPS along with cPanel for the better performance of the server and improved data security. The WHM dedicated hosting can be combined with cPanel can handle a more high amount of traffic. In this blog, we have listed the best web hosting service that provides Best Free cPanel Hosting Plans.…

How to convert your Laptop into a Server

How to Convert your Laptop into a Server?

Most laptops are mainly used for office work, coding, typing, editing and so on. However, laptops under 50000 can be repurposed and used as a server to host websites. If you have an old laptop, you can repurpose it to become a server so you can start hosting any website that you run. Before you start immediately, be sure to check the configuration and features of your laptop to see if it’s strong enough to support a server program or not. Be sure to also familiarize yourself with the router, LAN and other various items you will need to set up a server.

Make Your Laptop Into Our Server

For the first step, search for the router’s public IP. Go to Advanced, click on Device Info, Table WAN Status and you will get your WAN IP address. You can see your router’s login page after entering your WAN IP address. For step 2, you need to free ports 80 and 443 if they are being used in the router. This might be a little tricky for some routers and easier for others, depending on the router and brand of the router used. It’s best to check the router when you can.

Go to Advanced, then to Management, Access Control and then click on AccessCtrl. Enable WAN for HTTP, change port to 8080 and then disable WAN for HTTP. Enable WAN for HTTPS, change to port 8081, disable WAN for HTTPS and then hit Apply/Save. For step 3, you’ll need to change the password of your router for security purposes. This is another extremely important step since it ensures that your connection and server are safe from any external interference of any sort. Go to Advanced, Management, Access Control, Passwords, change your password and hit Apply/Save to save it.

The next step is step 4: setting up NAT. Go to Advanced, Advanced Setup, NAT, Virtual Servers and click Add. Go to Custom Service, enter the name, server IP address and the IP address of the laptop that will be a server (eg. In the table, fill up the entries like this: External Port Start > 80 > External Port End > 80 > Protocol> TCP > Internal Port Start > 80 > Internal Port End > 80. After this, hit Apply/Save. For the next step (5), you need to restrict DHPC to allot IP to another device. 

Go to Advanced, Advanced Setup, LAN, Enable DHCP server, End IP Address, Enter IP address and click Apply/Save. For step 6, you need to set up the IP address for connection in the OS that’s on your laptop. For step 7, you have to run a server program and finally, point your domain to the public IP address. This is how you can easily reconvert your laptop into a server. For all the different server programs, you’ll need to do the research on your own before you start the process. Hurry and get your server started up now!…

Linux vs. Windows Web Hosting

Linux vs. Windows Web Hosting: Which Is Better For Your Website

There will always a confusing between Linux and windows which needs to be selected for your server. In a server it is shown that during the 2017 web server was using Unisex for about 66%, Linus users user 55.6% and Windows 35%. In this blog we have listed the difference between Linux and Windows web hosting with various features like stability, security, and cost, this will help you to choose the right one.

Which Is Better For Your Website?

1. Stability – Linux stands first 

Linux Server – The Linus servers do not require frequent configuration update, it does not require a restart and provide secured service. They mostly provide 100% uptime.

Windows Server – Windows cannot handle multiple databases they become unstable. When you add separate application then the server completely becomes slow and you will not be able to complete any task.

2. Security – Linux is preferred 

Linux Server – When it comes to security Linux server comes in the front, they allow only the root users to modify the directories and applications. They also have access for all the files in the server that fights against any malware

Windows Server – The hackers mostly target on windows since the security level is low compared to Linux. The growth of the desktop has made the hackers hack the window machines.

3. Simplicity – Windows is Recommended 

Linux Server – When it comes to Linux, it is not so easy to learn and solve any technical problem related to the server. The configuration, management and handling of the responsibilities are a little tough.

Windows Server – The Windows server is handled using the user interface and with the software method station, even beginners can easily find answers for the problem that has occurred.

 The Top 3 Linux hosts 

When you choose a Linux host, you will be able to use tools like PHP, MySQL, and mail server. They provide cost-efficient services, the shared hosting price only $5 per month that suits your budget. 


The CentOS operating system, FTP access, you can customize PHP, Perl and Python support provides enhanced security, has two data centers with Cisco routers and load balancing, provides 30 days money-back guarantee, unlimited storage, and free domain name.


The platform used is Linux, has cPanel, 1-click software installation, supports PHP, Apache, MySQL, secured FTP access, IP blocking, 24*7*365 days support and protects from spam, provide 30 days money-back guarantee, 50GB – unlimited disk space, and 1-year free domain name.


The operating system used is CentOS that runs on shared servers, provides free site transfer, server management, regular backup, 99.9% uptime, 24*7 customer support, 30 days guarantee, and 30GB SSD storage.

Top 3 Windows Hosts  

Depending on the feature, the price of the Windows server varies. Make sure they have features like managed share point, database options, have MSSQL server and provide remote desktop access.


The host provides option to launch ASP.NET, provides a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, best customer support, supports PHP, Python and MVC, 45 days money-back guarantee, and unlimited disk space.


The host supports ASP.NET, ASP, MSSQL, Silverlight and MVC6, free RAID 10 storage, SSD caching servers, unlimited storage, websites, email services, backup services, free Cloudflare CDN, 30 days money-back guarantee, and unlimited disk space.


They use Windows server 2012 R2 that provides 24*7 customer support, supports ASP.NET, ASP, SQL services, unlimited MYSQL databases, free domain name, 30 days money-back guarantee, and unlimited disk space.


Mostly, both hosting services provide the same features, the important thing in using the best hosting service is you need to choose the right one according to your requirement. When you set up a website blog using WordPress or phpBB then Linux hosting is recommended, when your website uses MSSQL technology then windows hosting are recommended.…

Important For Website

Why Uptime Is Important For Website

Web hosting is a service provider who stores the customer websites files like HTML, PHP, images, CSS, JScript and other website-related files, they help users to publish their web applications on the internet. Uptime is an important factor in providing web services. When your website goes offline it creates a great impact on your site, users will not be able to view it, you may lose many customers if you are offline.

You will not be able to send or receive an email, Google will declare your site as unreliable and reduces your website ranking. The reason for website server down will be due to many reasons like your database goes down, the website being hacked, your hosting provider is not reliable.

The Important For Uptime Website

Uptime is a measure of server time that has stayed up and run, mostly it is mentioned in percentage like 99.9%. The web hosting service providers monitor the website’s uptime and downtime, they help to recover your site from technical problems.

Most of the big organizations have separate command center and monitoring team to monitor all the web applications, but this is not possible for small business. It is always important to notice if the website faces loading problem, uptime is a necessary factor that must be monitored for maintaining your website ranking. Here we have listed 5 things that need to be considered:

 Protect The Brand Image 

The brand image completely depends on customer satisfaction, if your company faces downtime then you will have a negative impact, hence it is necessary to monitor the website to protect from unwanted hazardous and your business image.

 Client Satisfaction 

When your website has high uptime then customer satisfaction is also higher, they will receive all the information they require. However, if there is a lag in receiving customer information, it breaks the customer faith and leads to customers to switch over to other hosting services.

 Avoid Losing Your Sales 

When there is a continuous downtime for your server, it will result in the loss of your sales. For online business service, it is compulsory to maintain the uptime to gain profit. In 2013 Amazon has downtime for about 2 years that has made a loss for about $US4.72 million.

 Find The Hackers 

The main reason for downtime is caused due to server hacking. If a hacker inputs a malicious code to your website then your website gets corrupted and it also affects your device that is used by the user. Hence it is mandatory to monitor website, it must notify if your website faces downtime and if any hacking occurs.

 Search Engine Ranking 

Google always focuses on the website who has good uptime. When your website faces serious downtime then Google will reduce the search engine ranking. The search engine ranking is decided by the uptime and speed of your website. 


The web hosting services mostly guarantee the uptime in the hosting agreement. When you choose the right web hosting service the best uptime will be achieved hence it is necessary to check the uptime before choosing the hosting company. …

15 Essential Features Of Great Web Hosting

Choosing the best web hosting services is not an easy task, there are many companies that provide many features and packages. The best hosting service that you select improves your site performance, reliability and secured service, they also provide features like email account, managed services, storage capacity., In this blog, we have listed 15 essential features of great web hosting.

1. Customer Support 

The hosting service must open to serve customers 24*7*365 when a problem occurs it is necessary to solve immediately by the technical supporter. It is necessary to resolve the problem technically instantly not by just reporting the issue, when you are offline then you will lose your customer. When there is high traffic.

2. Backup Services 

The backup service is an essential one, to restore your data. When you lose your website content, emails, customer data, financial records, and inventory records then your company will face a big disaster. Hence, to protect all the information it is necessary to backup it regularly. The backup data will be stored remotely in separate server location, this helps to keep data’s safety even when the server is down.

3. Assured Uptime  

When your server goes down, you will face many problems in your website which reduces the user count, search engine ranking and decreases your sales. The server down when your web hosting server is affected by other users or if your server maintenance is not proper and becomes old. Ensure the shared web hosting service is guaranteed by 99.95%, the dedicated and cloud hosting servers will have 99.99% uptime assurance.

4. Managed Services 

Most of the best web hosting services provide managed service to reduce the burden from your side. The server operating system is regularly updated and ensure they are up to date. Hence it is required to check whether web hosting server provides managed service

5. Robust Security Features 

There is a number of hacking software that is available on the Internet that affects your website and system. It is always necessary to ensure that the website is protected with firewalls, intrusion prevention, email scanning, spam removal, and SSL encryption to protect your data’s and contents

 6. Migration Services 

Most of the popular web host provides free service for migration of services, this moves all your the services of your website and makes sure all work well. If a host does not provide migration service then it has a drawback and they will face an issue in its down line.

7. WordPress Support 

Major websites are built using WordPress, they provide complete technical support, open-source service and are also called the Content Management System. They contain many plug-ins, templates and provide the interface between users. 

8. Long Term Growth 

The web hosting service provides resources that help to grow your business from a small scale to a larger business. When a business is started using shared hosting, it grows and moves to the next level of business that requires dedicated and cloud hosting servers. Web hosting services must be able to provide all services.

9. Scalability 

For cloud hosting, scalability is an important factor that improves your business and provides additional features that are required for the improvisation. It is not required to buy a package to provide the scalability, you just need to pay for what you use. Make sure your hosting service provides scalability.

10. Control Panel 

The web hosting services provide cPanel that is built using Linux language. They provide a dashboard to make the user-friendly experience that manages all the updates and software updates that are installed. The website’s back-end is controlled using the cPanel.

11. Email Services 

The hosting services provide an email that helps to send or receive, they are scanned for scam and finds if any malicious software is sent through email. The email services are integrated with the outlook that provides more storage capacity, file sharing, mobile access, webmail access, calendars, and many important features.

12. SSL Certificates 

When you make any internet transaction, it is required to take care of security, to ensure protected transaction encryption of data is required, it is achieved by SSL certificate. When a website does not have an SSL certificate, Google will mark the site as not secured, you will not be able to any online transaction.

13. Compatability 

The web hosting service providers must be compatible with the software, hardware and operating system that are used for your website by your host. Some hosts will provide an operating system environment that enables you to design your own software, it is consuming more time for the process and expensive.

14. No vendor Lock-In 

The service is also called as proprietary lock-in or customer lock-in. This helps to ensure that the customers depend completely on vendor products and services. When you try to enter another vendor service you need to pay for it.

15.  Affordable Pricing 

The cost of the host is affordable, they increase your business challenges and provide reliable, secure, supportive and provide all resources that are required for the website. The service must be affordable and worth the cost when you opt for a cheap service you will end up the worst experience.


In this blog, we have completely discussed all the essential points that are required to achieve the best web hosting service. These are the points that you must remember when you choose a hosting service. …

What is Web Hosting And Its Types

Web hosting is a service that helps to post your web page on the internet, they deliver required technology services that make your website visible for users on the internet. The servers help to store your website when a user types the keyword in the search box the website is fetched and displayed from the server and makes it visible in the browser. The web hosting companies render their own domain name, the features of hosting providers:

  • Email Accounts – The users will have their own domain name. The domain name can be used for your email account with the help of the accounting feature provided by hosting companies
  • FTP Access – This helps to upload files to the server from your computer. When you have your website that is built using HTTP files then you can transfer files to the webserver with the help of FTP, that allows access for your website through internet
  • WordPress Support – It is the website creation tool, content management system that helps to construct and maintain your website. The basic requirement for WordPress is PHP version 7 or even the latest one, MYSQL version 5.6 or the latest.

The Web Hosting Types

1.  Shared Hosting 

It is the best choice for those who are new to the website, in this type, multiple websites are stored under the same server, hence the price of shared hosting is less compared to other types. The shared hosting shares the same resources for all domains under it like Random Access Memory, and Central Processing Unit.

It is suitable for small business, house usage, and community groups, they have inbuilt tools like website builders, WordPress, hosting and handling email clients. They give you user-friendly experience, and they are best for websites those who have less traffic.

2.  Virtual Private Server Hosting 

VPS is a web hosting plan that is between a shared and dedicated server, they have control over the website and have customized individual space in the server. It is mostly recommended for business websites those who do not have much knowledge about web hosting. They are cost-efficient like shared hosting, stability for a website, higher performance. The drawback of VPS hosting is it cannot handle high traffic which affects your website performance. 

3.  Dedicated Server Hosting 

They allocate separate space for your website, they have complete control over the website. The server is specially dedicated to your website, you will have full access for the route, all admin access and security over the website. The price of a dedicated server is high since they provide separate space, they can handle high website traffic and complete control over the server. You need to have technical knowledge about the hosting is required for installation and management. 

4.  Cloud Hosting 

The cloud hosting serves virtual hardware, network, website storage and solution for all cloud enquires. They support the computing infrastructure that provides the best hosting solution. The cloud hosting provides configuration of a single server and that will collect your information from various server locations, this provides affordable service and increases the security level. the uptime of cloud computing is high, server speed is high, prevents server hacking or hardware failures, better performance and makes traffic scalable.

5. Managed Hosting  

The hosting companies help you to make hardware and software setups, configurations, maintenance, hardware replacements, any technical support, patching, updating and monitoring of web services. They provide complete backup regularly and provides management of hardware, operating systems, and appliances. You can choose any plan that is affordable and can be customized according to your requirements. 

6. Colocation  

This does not require the server to be fixed in your home or in any data center, the only requirement is you need to hire equipment from the co-location center to co-locate your server. The co-location center will provide power, bandwidth, IP address and cooling system that are required for the server. They can handle high traffic and can handle high bandwidth. 


Here we have listed the types of Web hosting services, you can choose the required web hosting service that suits your business. The many service providers are available in the market to render the best services. …