15 Essential Features Of Great Web Hosting

Choosing the best web hosting services is not an easy task, there are many companies that provide many features and packages. The best hosting service that you select improves your site performance, reliability and secured service, they also provide features like email account, managed services, storage capacity., In this blog, we have listed 15 essential features of great web hosting.

1. Customer Support 

The hosting service must open to serve customers 24*7*365 when a problem occurs it is necessary to solve immediately by the technical supporter. It is necessary to resolve the problem technically instantly not by just reporting the issue, when you are offline then you will lose your customer. When there is high traffic.

2. Backup Services 

The backup service is an essential one, to restore your data. When you lose your website content, emails, customer data, financial records, and inventory records then your company will face a big disaster. Hence, to protect all the information it is necessary to backup it regularly. The backup data will be stored remotely in separate server location, this helps to keep data’s safety even when the server is down.

3. Assured Uptime  

When your server goes down, you will face many problems in your website which reduces the user count, search engine ranking and decreases your sales. The server down when your web hosting server is affected by other users or if your server maintenance is not proper and becomes old. Ensure the shared web hosting service is guaranteed by 99.95%, the dedicated and cloud hosting servers will have 99.99% uptime assurance.

4. Managed Services 

Most of the best web hosting services provide managed service to reduce the burden from your side. The server operating system is regularly updated and ensure they are up to date. Hence it is required to check whether web hosting server provides managed service

5. Robust Security Features 

There is a number of hacking software that is available on the Internet that affects your website and system. It is always necessary to ensure that the website is protected with firewalls, intrusion prevention, email scanning, spam removal, and SSL encryption to protect your data’s and contents

 6. Migration Services 

Most of the popular web host provides free service for migration of services, this moves all your the services of your website and makes sure all work well. If a host does not provide migration service then it has a drawback and they will face an issue in its down line.

7. WordPress Support 

Major websites are built using WordPress, they provide complete technical support, open-source service and are also called the Content Management System. They contain many plug-ins, templates and provide the interface between users. 

8. Long Term Growth 

The web hosting service provides resources that help to grow your business from a small scale to a larger business. When a business is started using shared hosting, it grows and moves to the next level of business that requires dedicated and cloud hosting servers. Web hosting services must be able to provide all services.

9. Scalability 

For cloud hosting, scalability is an important factor that improves your business and provides additional features that are required for the improvisation. It is not required to buy a package to provide the scalability, you just need to pay for what you use. Make sure your hosting service provides scalability.

10. Control Panel 

The web hosting services provide cPanel that is built using Linux language. They provide a dashboard to make the user-friendly experience that manages all the updates and software updates that are installed. The website’s back-end is controlled using the cPanel.

11. Email Services 

The hosting services provide an email that helps to send or receive, they are scanned for scam and finds if any malicious software is sent through email. The email services are integrated with the outlook that provides more storage capacity, file sharing, mobile access, webmail access, calendars, and many important features.

12. SSL Certificates 

When you make any internet transaction, it is required to take care of security, to ensure protected transaction encryption of data is required, it is achieved by SSL certificate. When a website does not have an SSL certificate, Google will mark the site as not secured, you will not be able to any online transaction.

13. Compatability 

The web hosting service providers must be compatible with the software, hardware and operating system that are used for your website by your host. Some hosts will provide an operating system environment that enables you to design your own software, it is consuming more time for the process and expensive.

14. No vendor Lock-In 

The service is also called as proprietary lock-in or customer lock-in. This helps to ensure that the customers depend completely on vendor products and services. When you try to enter another vendor service you need to pay for it.

15.  Affordable Pricing 

The cost of the host is affordable, they increase your business challenges and provide reliable, secure, supportive and provide all resources that are required for the website. The service must be affordable and worth the cost when you opt for a cheap service you will end up the worst experience.


In this blog, we have completely discussed all the essential points that are required to achieve the best web hosting service. These are the points that you must remember when you choose a hosting service.

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