How to Convert your Laptop into a Server?

Most laptops are mainly used for office work, coding, typing, editing and so on. However, laptops under 50000 can be repurposed and used as a server to host websites. If you have an old laptop, you can repurpose it to become a server so you can start hosting any website that you run. Before you start immediately, be sure to check the configuration and features of your laptop to see if it’s strong enough to support a server program or not. Be sure to also familiarize yourself with the router, LAN and other various items you will need to set up a server.

Make Your Laptop Into Our Server

For the first step, search for the router’s public IP. Go to Advanced, click on Device Info, Table WAN Status and you will get your WAN IP address. You can see your router’s login page after entering your WAN IP address. For step 2, you need to free ports 80 and 443 if they are being used in the router. This might be a little tricky for some routers and easier for others, depending on the router and brand of the router used. It’s best to check the router when you can.

Go to Advanced, then to Management, Access Control and then click on AccessCtrl. Enable WAN for HTTP, change port to 8080 and then disable WAN for HTTP. Enable WAN for HTTPS, change to port 8081, disable WAN for HTTPS and then hit Apply/Save. For step 3, you’ll need to change the password of your router for security purposes. This is another extremely important step since it ensures that your connection and server are safe from any external interference of any sort. Go to Advanced, Management, Access Control, Passwords, change your password and hit Apply/Save to save it.

The next step is step 4: setting up NAT. Go to Advanced, Advanced Setup, NAT, Virtual Servers and click Add. Go to Custom Service, enter the name, server IP address and the IP address of the laptop that will be a server (eg. In the table, fill up the entries like this: External Port Start > 80 > External Port End > 80 > Protocol> TCP > Internal Port Start > 80 > Internal Port End > 80. After this, hit Apply/Save. For the next step (5), you need to restrict DHPC to allot IP to another device. 

Go to Advanced, Advanced Setup, LAN, Enable DHCP server, End IP Address, Enter IP address and click Apply/Save. For step 6, you need to set up the IP address for connection in the OS that’s on your laptop. For step 7, you have to run a server program and finally, point your domain to the public IP address. This is how you can easily reconvert your laptop into a server. For all the different server programs, you’ll need to do the research on your own before you start the process. Hurry and get your server started up now!

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