What is Web Hosting And Its Types

Web hosting is a service that helps to post your web page on the internet, they deliver required technology services that make your website visible for users on the internet. The servers help to store your website when a user types the keyword in the search box the website is fetched and displayed from the server and makes it visible in the browser. The web hosting companies render their own domain name, the features of hosting providers:

  • Email Accounts – The users will have their own domain name. The domain name can be used for your email account with the help of the accounting feature provided by hosting companies
  • FTP Access – This helps to upload files to the server from your computer. When you have your website that is built using HTTP files then you can transfer files to the webserver with the help of FTP, that allows access for your website through internet
  • WordPress Support – It is the website creation tool, content management system that helps to construct and maintain your website. The basic requirement for WordPress is PHP version 7 or even the latest one, MYSQL version 5.6 or the latest.

The Web Hosting Types

1.  Shared Hosting 

It is the best choice for those who are new to the website, in this type, multiple websites are stored under the same server, hence the price of shared hosting is less compared to other types. The shared hosting shares the same resources for all domains under it like Random Access Memory, and Central Processing Unit.

It is suitable for small business, house usage, and community groups, they have inbuilt tools like website builders, WordPress, hosting and handling email clients. They give you user-friendly experience, and they are best for websites those who have less traffic.

2.  Virtual Private Server Hosting 

VPS is a web hosting plan that is between a shared and dedicated server, they have control over the website and have customized individual space in the server. It is mostly recommended for business websites those who do not have much knowledge about web hosting. They are cost-efficient like shared hosting, stability for a website, higher performance. The drawback of VPS hosting is it cannot handle high traffic which affects your website performance. 

3.  Dedicated Server Hosting 

They allocate separate space for your website, they have complete control over the website. The server is specially dedicated to your website, you will have full access for the route, all admin access and security over the website. The price of a dedicated server is high since they provide separate space, they can handle high website traffic and complete control over the server. You need to have technical knowledge about the hosting is required for installation and management. 

4.  Cloud Hosting 

The cloud hosting serves virtual hardware, network, website storage and solution for all cloud enquires. They support the computing infrastructure that provides the best hosting solution. The cloud hosting provides configuration of a single server and that will collect your information from various server locations, this provides affordable service and increases the security level. the uptime of cloud computing is high, server speed is high, prevents server hacking or hardware failures, better performance and makes traffic scalable.

5. Managed Hosting  

The hosting companies help you to make hardware and software setups, configurations, maintenance, hardware replacements, any technical support, patching, updating and monitoring of web services. They provide complete backup regularly and provides management of hardware, operating systems, and appliances. You can choose any plan that is affordable and can be customized according to your requirements. 

6. Colocation  

This does not require the server to be fixed in your home or in any data center, the only requirement is you need to hire equipment from the co-location center to co-locate your server. The co-location center will provide power, bandwidth, IP address and cooling system that are required for the server. They can handle high traffic and can handle high bandwidth. 


Here we have listed the types of Web hosting services, you can choose the required web hosting service that suits your business. The many service providers are available in the market to render the best services.

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