Why Uptime Is Important For Website

Web hosting is a service provider who stores the customer websites files like HTML, PHP, images, CSS, JScript and other website-related files, they help users to publish their web applications on the internet. Uptime is an important factor in providing web services. When your website goes offline it creates a great impact on your site, users will not be able to view it, you may lose many customers if you are offline.

You will not be able to send or receive an email, Google will declare your site as unreliable and reduces your website ranking. The reason for website server down will be due to many reasons like your database goes down, the website being hacked, your hosting provider is not reliable.

The Important For Uptime Website

Uptime is a measure of server time that has stayed up and run, mostly it is mentioned in percentage like 99.9%. The web hosting service providers monitor the website’s uptime and downtime, they help to recover your site from technical problems.

Most of the big organizations have separate command center and monitoring team to monitor all the web applications, but this is not possible for small business. It is always important to notice if the website faces loading problem, uptime is a necessary factor that must be monitored for maintaining your website ranking. Here we have listed 5 things that need to be considered:

 Protect The Brand Image 

The brand image completely depends on customer satisfaction, if your company faces downtime then you will have a negative impact, hence it is necessary to monitor the website to protect from unwanted hazardous and your business image.

 Client Satisfaction 

When your website has high uptime then customer satisfaction is also higher, they will receive all the information they require. However, if there is a lag in receiving customer information, it breaks the customer faith and leads to customers to switch over to other hosting services.

 Avoid Losing Your Sales 

When there is a continuous downtime for your server, it will result in the loss of your sales. For online business service, it is compulsory to maintain the uptime to gain profit. In 2013 Amazon has downtime for about 2 years that has made a loss for about $US4.72 million.

 Find The Hackers 

The main reason for downtime is caused due to server hacking. If a hacker inputs a malicious code to your website then your website gets corrupted and it also affects your device that is used by the user. Hence it is mandatory to monitor website, it must notify if your website faces downtime and if any hacking occurs.

 Search Engine Ranking 

Google always focuses on the website who has good uptime. When your website faces serious downtime then Google will reduce the search engine ranking. The search engine ranking is decided by the uptime and speed of your website. 


The web hosting services mostly guarantee the uptime in the hosting agreement. When you choose the right web hosting service the best uptime will be achieved hence it is necessary to check the uptime before choosing the hosting company. 

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